CINA Radio Award for Diversity in Audio Media

Presented to students in the final year of the Bachelor of Journalism, Journalism advanced diploma or Journalism post-graduate program or any of the Bachelor of Music programs, who are in good academic standing (70% or greater). The students will demonstrate a strong work ethic, and an understanding of the importance of diversity in audio media, and will show an aptitude for radio, and audio production, and a desire to work in multi-platform journalism. Preference will be given to students who self-identify as Caribbean, or a member of the Black/African community.

Bachelor of Journalism, Bachelor of Music, Faculty of Media & Creative Arts, Journalism (advanced diploma)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you in your final year of study?
  2. Do you self-identify as a Caribbean person, or as a person from the Caribbean?
  3. Please describe your desire to work in multi-platform journalism.