Eda Cucakovich Memorial Scholarship

Presented to a student in the Bachelor of Commerce – Fashion Management program who has graduated from the Fashion Arts Business diploma program with honours. The recipient of this award must have demonstrated a commitment to the fashion industry, either by being recognized as exceptional at their business placement or by contributing to the fashion show/event in a meaningful way. The student must have participated or volunteered in one of the following Fashion projects/events: INFUSE Magazine, Resource Centre Monitor, or Fashion Institute windows.

Bachelor of Commerce-Fashion Management, Faculty of Business
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you participated in any community fashion activities/events or professional development related to fashion and/or the industry.
  2. If you answered YES to the above question, please provide details below.
  3. Please explain your commitment to the Fashion Industry either by being recognized as exceptional at your Business Placement or by contributing to the Fashion Show/Event in a meaningful way.